Post-operative Care

There are many different cosmetic procedures that are performed by the dentist in the clinic. When a person desires to improve the look of his smile, he can seek the dentist’s help so that a collection of procedures can be performed which will give him the transformation he requires. The type of cosmetic procedure a person receives will be determined by the patient’s specific need and when you wish for your smile to be brighter and lighter, you can receive an in-office teeth whitening procedure from your dentist.

This procedure, as the name suggests is performed in the clinic or chairside. It is carried out by a trained professional because it is more technique-sensitive compared to other procedures, and the agent used is more powerful so proper handling is required to avoid accidents and complications. Despite the price, this more expensive option is much preferred by patients because of the impressive results that patients enjoy. This can be attributed to the strength of the whitening agent utilized and the use of a whitening lamp which boosts and improves the results obtained.

As with most procedures performed, some post-operative instructions will be provided to the patient so that he can effectively deal with any side-effects and also prolong the results obtained:

  1. It is quite normal to experience some sensitivity during and after in-office teeth whitening. The pores of the teeth are opened and activated, so the teeth become more sensitive to different stimuli. You can relieve teeth sensitivity by taking a powerful analgesic. Like any pain prescription, this can be taken when there is pain felt and the prescription should be discontinued once the symptom goes away.
  1. Often times, desensitizing pastes, mousse and creams can be prescribed to the patient to alleviate any pain symptom felt on the teeth, and these solutions can also be applied to gums, lips and other soft tissue areas that may have come into contact with the agent.
  1. As already explained, the teeth pores are opened and activated, so apart from being more sensitive they also stain easily. Avoiding colored food and drinks will be very important during these times if you want to prolong the results of the procedure. Food and drinks with dark colors are highly staining, when you eat foods with tomato sauce or drink red wine, you can easily lose the whitening effects that you the procedure was able to achieve, so stay away from foods and drinks that are colored.
  1. Apart from food, the prescription of the teeth whitening toothpaste and mouthwash will effectively improve the results. These products will have components that will perfect the whitening results obtained, so patients will enjoy their whiter smile even more.
  1. In-office teeth whitening procedures are very expensive and if you want to maintain the results and prolong the effects of the procedure, you can carryout take home whitening procedures on your own as an adjunct to what was already done in the clinic.
  1. Inasmuch as you would want to be able to achieve a whiter smile, spacing out in-office teeth whitening procedures in a healthy interval is going to be important so that you do not bring harm to your oral tissues. Teeth whitening procedures are relatively safe procedures, but carelessly undertaking it at increased frequency, should be very harmful to you.