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Dental Bonding Aurora: Getting to Know the Process

Dental Bondings are restorative procedures that may be likened to dental veneers and a normal tooth fillings in some ways. Like the dental veneers, it is an aesthetic procedure limited to the facial surface of the tooth, but it may be performed without tooth reduction. Like tooth fillings the procedure is directly performed in the [...]

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Pediatric Dentistry: Non-Traumatic Extraction, Montgomery Rd

Non-Traumatic Extraction, Montgomery Rd Children are not easy to treat. It is a very thing, to convince young patients that the pain and discomfort is all for the better, but sometimes it needs to be done, and as parents your one true hope would be to find a pediatric dentistry who can work well with [...]

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Inlays and Onlays: Choosing the Right Material for Your Teeth

Choosing the Right Material for Your Teeth When a tooth becomes infected with tooth decay, a cavity easily develops, so that healthy tooth structure is removed and the disease furthers. Through the progression, the disease goes deeper and deeper to infect the hard tissues of the teeth, and this continues until a filling is performed. [...]

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The Magnificence of the Snap-On Smile

The smile is very important to a person’s appearance. One of the first things that people notice about anybody is their smile and when you smile is beautiful, it brightens your face and it can be powerful enough to brighten someone else’s day. Unfortunately, a person can have all kinds of issues with the appearance [...]

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